About Jess…

Jessica is a passionate Advertising and Editorial photographer with an interest in Performance and Behind the Scenes Photography.

After studying Theatre Performance & Practises in Australia and working as an Actress for her full fifteen minutes, she now resides in the U.K. where she achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography at Edinburgh College.

In 2016 Jessica's work was selected by picture Editor of British Vogue Magazine Mike Trow :-

"What I like about these images is their wit, and composition and the fact that they are not attempting to be cool. They come from a more traditional compositional place with strong deliberate lighting, definite costumes, props and sense of place.

Jess mixes outdoor Scottish locations with studio shots that are equally engaging. Staged images are hard to do well but her attention to detail, use of suggested narrative and directorial focus makes them work."

Film, Theatre & Literature continue to be key influences in her imagery:

"My portraits are highly reliant on character, narrative and emotion. My background in theatre and film means that I'm frequently inspired by cinematography and theatrical lighting.

I grew up in Australia near a place known as "Hollywood on the Gold Coast". Where it's sunny, beautiful and colourful all of the time.

People ask me why I live in Scotland where it rains just as much as the sun shines and I consider the underbelly and sadness that places can hold regardless of their beauty.

I approach making photographs in a similar way - to make photographs that are in a way beautiful and vibrant, but where not all is what it seems. It's not about the obvious.

There's more to this world that I have created where everything is beautiful and colourful and perfect."


AOP Student Awards 2016

- Finalist "People"

BIPP Scotland Student Awards 2016

- Merit in "Advertising" category for 'Halloween'

Merit in "Advertising" category for 'Enlightened'

Exhibitions & Publications